Free storytelling / scenario class

Storytelling - Introduction
PDF, 20 pages, in english, Free

How to write a story

This basic tutorial presents the main concepts of storytelling: plots, characters and set of characters, story architecture, drama effects… usable in any media, genre or style, for scriptwriting, screenwriting, playwriting, songwriting…

It is abstracted from Storytelling 1 – Essentials and Storytelling 2 – Advanced and introduces them.

And it is free!


What is storytelling?

  • The tools of storytelling
  • Who uses storytelling and how to make progress
  • Why do we tell?
  • Telling has consequences


  • Definition
  • How to write a standard plot


  • A plot tells what happens to a Hero
  • A plot tells the conflict between a Hero and his/her Antagonist
  • Hero and Antagonist have Helpers, Mentors and Skeptics

Mixing plots

  • Simple stories
  • Complex stories
  • Types of multi-plot structures

Drama effects

  • Use tools and techniques
  • Distribute information to the characters and to the audience
  • Make special effects
  • Manage drama parameters

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